Do you want your sparse, thin eyebrows to be more attractively formed and thicker? You may not even be aware that there are several techniques to thicken your eyebrows. But fear not—we’ve included a list of them! You may accelerate the growth process and go from thin lines to thick, expressive eyebrows with these eight natural solutions!

See our 8 methods for growing your eyebrows!

1. Refrain from overplucking and waxing.

Avoid overtweezing your eyebrows because it will take six to eight weeks for them to fully regrow. Sometimes eyebrow plucking and waxing permanently damages the hair follicle, making it impossible for the hair to grow back. Try not to tweeze your eyebrows for a while if you desire thicker eyebrows. Make it simpler!

2) Use Vaseline to grow out your eyebrows.

Using petroleum jelly or vaseline to condition your brows promotes hair development and keeps them looking more defined and firm. Just take a tiny bit of vaseline, gently massage it into the region around your eyebrows twice a day, and let it sit overnight. You’ll notice the first noticeable benefits of vaseline’s ability to thicken your eyebrows in approximately a month.

3) Use castor oil on your brows

This wonder tree’s seed oil is rich in nutrients and helps to thicken your eyebrows in addition to promoting the growth of eyelashes! After applying the oil in the morning and evening, let it sit overnight on the brow region. By providing nourishment to the hair follicle, castor oil can accelerate the growth of your eyebrows.

4) Using coconut oil promotes thicker eyebrow growth

In addition to being a fantastic, all-natural treatment for skin and hair, coconut oil has many advantages (we mentioned all 24!) and it can also encourage the growth of thicker eyebrows! For optimal effects, apply a thin layer of coconut oil straight to your eyebrows and let it sit overnight. You’ll shield your eyebrows from harm and encourage their development!

You can take our True Beauty Collagen Drink in addition to those potent oils to help your hair grow from the inside out.

5) Unexpectedly, onion juice!

Due to their high sulfur content, onions have been shown to improve blood circulation. Applying some fresh onion juice can promote eyebrow development, despite the potent stench.

6) Foods that promote the formation of eyebrows

Foods high in biotin, vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E can help to promote hair development, which in turn improves the thickness and length of eyebrows. You may enhance your diet by adding our Chewable Hair Vitamins and Daily Vitamin Capsules in addition to your regular intake. These give you extra vital vitamins that are beneficial to your health and help to thicken and strengthen your eyebrows.

7) Aloe Vera to plump up thin eyebrows

Aloe vera juice, when applied to your brows, repairs damage from overplucking or waxing, feeds hair follicles, and promotes hair growth.

8) Increase your blood flow

It could be possible to encourage faster hair growth by stimulating the skin around the brows. Thin and sparse eyebrows can already benefit from a basic massage! Use a clean toothbrush to exfoliate and encourage the growth of your eyebrows in a circular motion to create larger eyebrows (you can also use a facial scrub). Don’t scrub too vigorously! Excessive pressure might cause the hair to become damaged or fall off.


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