Are you trying to find a way to strengthen your neck muscles? Having saggy neck syndrome, which some people also call turkey neck, can seriously undermine your self-esteem. Nobody wants to see a bunch of drooping skin accumulate around their neck when they look in the mirror. If only you could take some action…

If you’re an adult, you probably think that loose skin and turkey neck are just natural signs of getting older. But did you know that you can actually slow down or even reverse these unpleasant side effects of ageing by performing workouts that tighten your neck?

Neck problems are common in those who lose weight or get older. Exercises that tighten the neck can help get rid of loose skin and the ugly turkey neck that are occasionally left behind. That’s not all, though. In addition to relieving discomfort and enhancing posture, these neck-tightening exercises lower your chance of injury. One of the numerous reasons to think about doing neck-tightening exercises is to get rid of sagging neck skin.

This post will explain how to do these neck-tightening exercises and discuss the advantages of doing them frequently. You’ll be prepared to begin training your neck to permanently remove that excess loose skin by the end of this guide.To prevent the disease from getting worse, let’s first examine the specific reason of loose skin or turkey neck.

What Leads To Loose Neck Skin And Sagging Neck Muscles?

Sagging neck muscles and loose neck skin, sometimes affectionately called “turkey neck,” are avoidable problems that can arise from ageing or weight reduction. Wrinkles and relaxed neck muscles are inevitable with ageing. Your collagen-producing cells start to function much less frequently, and occasionally they stop altogether.

The amount of wrinkles increases with decreased collagen levels. While many people resort to Botox, pricey face creams, and injections to treat these sags and wrinkles, doing exercises that tighten your neck may be a more efficient strategy to eliminate your issues. Furthermore, unlike the previously described techniques, they are all-natural and free of adverse effects!

Though there are some specialists who doubt the efficacy of facial exercise in tightening neck skin, the general consensus is that neck skin is just like any other skin on the body.

If you can use specific exercises to tighten your stomach, why can’t you do the same for your neck muscles? It’s that simple: you’ll have less hanging skin the larger your muscles are. It also doesn’t take much to tighten up the slack skin on your neck.

Can Neck Tightening Exercises Help Treat Turkey Neck?

You put a lot of effort into toning your arms, legs, and stomach, among other parts of your body. However, how is your neck doing? Is it possible to treat turkey neck with just workouts that tighten the neck?

There are numerous methods for treating and preventing turkey neck, despite popular belief. Yoga and even chewing gum are a few easy cures. Gum chewing can help tone your face and neck muscles, giving you a more toned appearance overall.

You can, however, perform a variety of targeted exercises to loosen up your neck. Although you might not consider your neck and jaw to be parts of your body that require exercise, the muscles in your face, like those in your arms, legs, and stomach, also require attention.

Exercises for the chin and neck can assist to increase the synthesis of elastin and collagen, which can tone your skin, improve blood flow, and give you a more youthful appearance. In addition to helping to tighten loose neck skin, the exercises we’ve included below can help with some of the symptoms of temporomandibular disorders, which impact your jaw.

Which Neck Tightening Exercise Is Ideal For Saggy Necks?

Ready to learn the finest exercises for building up the muscles in your neck? We recommend that you read our comprehensive guide on neck training before beginning. With the aid of this basic resource, you can get started on the proper path towards permanently removing turkey neck.

These are some of the best neck workouts that you may undertake. Just remember that any type of exercise should cause you to feel a minor strain in your movement. Expect some stiffness throughout and after the workout, and you should be able to feel your muscles functioning.

That being stated, you should never push yourself to perform an exercise that is beyond your range of motion or comfort zone. This might result in harm. Before increasing weight to these turkey neck workouts, we strongly advise you to perfect the technique.

Keeping the neck from sagging

Saggy necks can be treated with any of the exercises listed below, but preventing saggy necks before they become an issue is one of the best things you can do for your appearance. Here’s a fantastic workout to help you with neck tightening:

Lift your chin and glance upward while bringing your jaw forward. As you stretch your neck, the sternocleidomastoid muscles (the muscles on either side) will contract while the front muscles will remain relaxed. For optimal effects, hold the pose for 5–10 seconds and then repeat up to 10 times.


Here’s a neck workout to try if you want to tone up the skin around your chin and upper neck (and possibly lose that double chin!). As though you were pouting, droop the corners of your mouth. It would be beneficial to perform this exercise in front of a mirror; the more outrageous you can appear, the better. Let the double chin go!


Here’s another easy exercise to help release tension in your neck. In addition to using a lacrosse ball against a wall or Theracane as a trigger point for your traps, you’ll also need a neck harness. Assume a neutral head position and a packed neck; considering forming a double chin can assist you in achieving the perfect neck posture.

Next, look left, hold the position for a few seconds, and then look right to repeat the motion. As you hold, pay attention to the way you are supporting your chin and neck. This exercise helps increase range of motion and strengthen your neck. Naturally, it will also help with drooping skin and relieve neck tension.


Try performing basic neck rotations to lengthen your neck and give it a more attractive appearance. Simply move your head from side to side, slowly and softly, without letting it fully spin to either side. Your chin should remain level with the ground as you make deliberate, little motions. Additionally, avoid letting your chin fall to your chest.

Ten times over, repeat this.


This is a really complex movement that also needs to be done with a neck harness. Go cautiously and slowly for optimal outcomes. Put on a neck harness and cover your throat. Next, visualise gently and methodically moving your head to create a square. Proceed ahead, then right, then left, and lastly return to the starting point. This will assist you in regaining good posture and may also help your neck’s skin look better.


This exercise for strengthening the neck is as easy as it gets. Simply raise your head and cast your gaze upward. It will firm up drooping skin and extend the neck’s muscle groups. Additionally, it might increase blood circulation and ease stiffness. You should definitely do this exercise first thing in the morning to aid in your waking up!


Lowering your chin to your chest, or neck flexion, helps lessen sagging skin and help you keep your joints, bones, and muscles in a normal range of motion. This is a basic neck flexion exercise that you may perform.

As you stand up straight, start by placing your arms by your sides and contracting your core muscles. Pull your chin in towards your chest and then back and down your shoulder blades.

Repeat four times, holding the pose for a maximum of thirty seconds each time. By placing your hand behind your head and placing your fingertips at the base of your skull, you can deepen this stretch.


The baby bird stance is the last but certainly not least of our list of face exercises to help decrease sagging. By doing this exercise, you can tighten your jaw and lessen the ageing indications on your neck. Smiling while pressing the tip of your tongue against the roof of your mouth is how to do it. Tip your head up while you do this. Ten times over, repeat.

Are These Exercises for Tightening Your Neck Effective?

These are our top workouts for strengthening the neck. These are the finest workouts for quickly tightening the skin around the neck. We are aware of your current thoughts. Will I actually see a reduction in turkey neck or drooping neck skin with these neck firming exercises? Yes, provided that you execute them correctly and with the appropriate tools.

When it comes to wrinkles and drooping neck muscles, prevention is essential. The neck-tightening exercises we’ve just discussed can be beneficial, but only to a limited extent. To maintain healthy skin, you’ll need to combine your workouts with the appropriate equipment (more on this below) and take some preventative steps.

You don’t need surgery or other medical treatments, so don’t worry. All you have to do is locate the appropriate therapies for your particular circumstance. Is there anything you can do in addition to those exercises that tighten your neck? Maintain a healthy way of living. Eating healthily and drinking enough of water can help prevent ageing symptoms.

What Tools Do I Need To Complete These Exercises For Tightening My Neck?

The consequences of ageing may not be completely reversed, but they can be lessened with certain actions. One effective method that some people have used to reduce wrinkles and drooping skin on their necks is neck tightening exercises. You cannot perform these exercises solely with the weight of your head if you are serious about neck conditioning. To complete the task correctly, you should make an investment in some equipment. You’ll need the following in order to benefit the most from these turkey neck exercises:

To help you exercise your neck and avoid neck pain and drooping, Iron Neck offers a selection of neck harnesses, resistance bands, and other products. Even while neck-tightening exercises are a good way to prevent sagging, finding the time to do them—especially without the right equipment—can be difficult.

Just one product that can assist you enhance the effects of neck-tightening workouts on their own is the IronNeck exercise machine. Check out the topic of all the excitement today for yourself!

Last Words On The Greatest Exercises For Turkey Neck To Tighten Skin Around The Neck
Here they are: the top exercises for tightening the skin around the neck that will last a lifetime. Now that you understand the underlying cause of sagging neck skin, you may take action to address the issue.

When you look in the mirror, these turkey neck exercises should help you feel more confident again. Additionally, doing neck-tightening exercises on a daily basis will help you enhance range of motion, correct posture, and lessen pain and injury risk.

There is now only one thing left to do: visit our website to obtain the Iron Neck machine right away. You can begin doing these neck-firming exercises as soon as it reaches your home in an attempt to get back the strong, young-looking neck you previously had. Do you want to know more about neck exercises?

If you’d like to go one step further, we offer a comprehensive article on the best exercises for strengthening neck muscles. To assist you restore ideal posture, you may also read up on our guide to forward head posture exercises.


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